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Nestled among hills and forests on the shores of southern Lake Pepin, just off Hwy 61 between Wabasha and Lake City, lies a secluded, peaceful little village of log cabins and fisherman’s campers called Camp Lacupolis.

History of Camp Lacupolis

The rustic village, founded in 1861 by European settlers, was a stagecoach stop at the end of a trail leading from the hills, visitors would camp overnight and travel to Lake City by boat. The name “Camp Lacupolis,” means “Camp Lake City” in Greek.

The Mississippi was a main artery of commerce and transportation for the native people and new settlers. Loggers floated logs down the Chippewa River and held them in the large bay until steamboats arrived to take the huge masses of logs farther downstream for use in building. “Steamboat Bay,” as it became known, is now one of the many choice fishing spots near Camp Lacupolis.

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